Joy is in the Journey

AnnEugene Wines - is a boutique winery in the heart of San Benito County.

Adventurers Joyce and Richard’s bucket list has led them to countless out-of-the-box places in life. From old-school trailer trips across the US to building a colonial casa on the Sea of Cortez to nurturing their Hollister vineyard and recently debuting their own wines– they derive as much joy from the journey as the destination.

AnnEugene wines are truly handmade, all the while maintaining thoughtful craftsmanship. The result is a selection of fresh, pure, expressive Bordeaux-style wines. Estate varietals include Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Our Wines

2018 Estate Merlot

San Benito County - Our estate-grown Merlot is savory and full bodied.

Pairs nicely with meats  such as chicken, pork, beef, or even duck. Great with an appetizer or serve with dinner. 


2018 Estate Cabernet Franc

San Benito County - Our estate-grown Cabernet Franc offers a medium-bodied, herb aroma.

Pairs  well with dishes flavored with herbs and vegetables, fish especially tuna or salmon,  vegetarian dishes, grilled artichokes or fruit such as strawberries


2015 Estate Bedazzled Red Blend

San Benito County - Our estate-grown Bedazzled Red Blend is a well-loved traditional Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Bold and dark, this intense red blend is worthy of a deep, investigatory dive.

Pairs nicely with leaner or more savory meats, like pork or even duck. Great for everyday drinking.


2015 Estate Cabernet Franc

San Benito County - Our estate-grown 2015 Cabernet Franc offers a herbaceous, almost green aroma, and possesses an outward expression of fruit.

Pairs well with grilled steaks and chops, Portobello mushrooms, green olives, pepper, rosemary, and mint.




Their winemaker James Jelks has been dedicated to the pursuit of great wine since 2009 when he first visited Burgundy, France. Since then he has received a BS in Enology & Viticulture from UC Davis and has worked worldwide at ultra-premium wineries in California, Oregon, France, New Zealand, and Australia.

It's time for wine...

AnnEugene Wines Tasting Room Openings

Open on the first and third weekends of each month.

Saturday and Sunday 12:00 to 4:00pm

November 20-21

December 4-5

December 18-19   

Wine Tasting by Appointment 

Tastings can be scheduled, and are subject to availability. To reserve your wine tasting, email us at or fill out the form below.  Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through as you take in panoramic views of our vineyards!


If you are interested in hosting a private event at the winery, please contact us at 

Maximum group capacity is 50 people.


Please feel free to call our office or leave a message below - we’ll be happy to assist you.  The team at AnnEugene welcomes you!

Please keep in mind that our tasting room is open by appointment only